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Click on the name of the event below to sign up; tickets are generally available until 2 DAYS before the event.  Don't forget that many items are tax deductible!  If you are looking for a way to support School-Force, make fully tax deductible donation to our Fund-A-Need campaign for 'Technology for Student-Driven Learning'. 

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Item no. School Party Event Date Sold out?
913 Parent only Mom's Dance Fitness Class 4-Apr  
922 Parent only College Beer Bash 2-May  
902 Parent only An Evening of Detox-Retox 7-May  
941 Parent only Pirates and Wenches Party 30-May  
910 Parent only Highbrow Margaritas for Grownups 12-Sep sold out
903 Parent only Bollywood Dance Party 10-Oct  
912 Parent only Gourmet Dinner for 10 16-Oct sold out
900 Dads Dad's Pub Crawl- Silicon Valley Beer Train 6-Jun sold out
901 Dads Dad's Pub Crawl- San Francisco Beer Train 29-Aug  
960 Central Kinder Pizza and Movie Afternoon 31-Mar  
920 Central Mr. Metro's Acting Workshop for 3rd-5th Graders 1-Apr  
934 Central 3rd Grade Slumber Party 10-Apr  
919 Central 4th/5th Grade Field Day Friday May 15 15-May  
911 Central moms Not your Husband's Pub Crawl! This one is for Central Moms 16-May  
936 Cipriani 1st Grade Pizza and Legos 1-Apr  
938 Cipriani 3rd Grade Claymation Day 1-Apr  
940 Cipriani 5th Grade Harry Potter Day 1-Apr  
939 Cipriani 4th Grade Movie and Pizza 2-Apr sold out
937 Cipriani 2nd Grade Central Park Outing 29-Apr  
931 Cipriani family Cipriani Family Bowling Party 12-Apr  
935 Cipriani moms Cipriani Mama Margarita Party 13-Jun 1 ticket left
925 Cipriani parents Cipriani Cocktails and Cinema Classic 30-May  
943 Fox Kindergarten Popcorn and Movie Party! 8-Apr  
917 Fox Poker Party 11-Apr  
914 Fox Legopalooza for 1st Graders! 1-May  
918 Fox Texas Hold-em Poker Tournament 2-May sold out
915 Fox 4th and 5th Grade Dance Party 29-May  
944 Nesbit 4th Grade Scavenger Hunt with Mrs. Russell and Mrs. Joshi....Treats after the hunt! 1-Apr  
945 Nesbit 1st Grade Park Picnic 1-Apr  
947 Nesbit Movie and Treats with 2nd G teachers 1-Apr  
954 Nesbit Fun with the TK Teachers 1-Apr  
957 Nesbit Movie and Treats with Ms. Satkowski 1-Apr  
958 Nesbit Cooking Class with our 3rd Grade Teachers 1-Apr  
955 Nesbit Board Game Fun 17-Apr  
956 Nesbit Old-School Video Gaming 1-May sold out
923 Ralston Ralston Kids Improv-Acting Workshop 3-May  
953 Ralston Ralston Family Game Night! 14-May  
927 RWSE 2nd Grade Ice Cream & Board Games 1-Apr  
930 RWSE 1st Grade Afterschool Playdate 8-Apr  
951 RWSE Mr Mullins 4th Grade Pizza Baking 8-Apr sold out
952 RWSE Ms. DeStefani's 4th Grade Pizza Baking 8-Apr sold out
926 RWSE Kindergarten Afternoon Fun 14-Apr  
961 RWSE Drinks and Q&A with RWSE Teachers 17-Apr 1 ticket left
295 RWSE Science Mystery Afternoon for 4th and 5th Graders 29-Apr sold out
942 RWSE Movie Afternoon Surprise with Ms. Jones 6-May  
928 RWSE Third Grade Triple Action Fun with Teachers 22-May  
929 RWSE 5th Grade Water Kickball 22-May  
949 RWSE Talent Show 27-May  
924 Sandpiper Sport-a-Palooza for 1st and 2nd Grades 8-Apr  
906 Sandpiper Lego Robotics Workshop (3rd & 4th grades) 2-May sold out
907 Sandpiper Lego Robotics Workshop (4th ­ 5th Grades) 2-May  
905 Sandpiper Kinder Mexican Fiesta! 5-May  
908 Sandpiper Adventure and Pizza Night at Sandpiper! 8-May  
904 Sandpiper Gr8 Sk8! 27-May  
909 Sandpiper Afternoon Flash Mob 27-May  


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